Bound to Be Sunny in Havenwelten

Moin, moin!

It has been almost 3 months since the end of our visit to Havenwelten quarter, in Bremerhaven city of Germany. However, allow me to share a short recap of the 3-day trip on this Minutes4Bahari blog.


Havenwelten at our first sight was the perfect version of Jakarta’s Ancol Marina.

M4B, Havenwelten #1
Welcome to Havenwelten! On this rainy mid June 2018.

Thank’s to the reservation team, we had a splendid view to the marina from our Im-Jaich Boardinghouse unit.

That rainy June 14th evening, only several hours after our arrival, felt as chilly as 16 Celsius degrees -similar to what we had in Hamburg earlier. Urged by the need of large calories, my sister and I decided to have a hearty meal of schnitzel at Das Lloyd’s. The restaurant is only a few hundred metres away from the marina.

M4B, Havenwelten #2
Having a hearty supper of large portion schnitzel at Das LLoyd. (Picture of myself taken by Ignatia Sukmawardhani)

Everytime we stared out of Das Lloyd’s windows, sailboats, barges, and yachts were practically everywhere. For instance, there were Lady Sunshine and Hein Mück which serve the Hafen-Rundfahrt tour. Nearby, parked the MS Geestemünde which serves the Dicke Pötte Tour.

The scenic orderly rows of these water-borne vehicles rendered a feeling of contentment. 🙂

It was bound to sunny the next day! Yay.

M4B, Havenwelten #3
It was bound to be sunny in Havenwelten, yay!


M4B, Havenwelten #4
I think this day was even sunnier than the ones we typically have in Jakarta. :-O (Picture taken by Ignatia Sukmawardhani)

After a light shopping (bottled water, cocoa drink, frozen pizza) at a discounter across the road, we took the Hafen-Rundfahrt tour precisely on midday.

We boarded Lady Sunshine from across the Deutsches Auswanderer Haus museum. The shipmaster was a big proud man with a cheerful air. With 20 other passengers or so, we were taken around a number of harbours, watergates, shipyards, and cargo terminals.

M4B, Havenwelten #5
The all-blue Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven. (Picture taken by Ignatia Sukmawardhani)


M4B, Havenwelten #6
Going near Saint John’s Combi Dock on board Lady Sunshine. (Picture taken by Ignatia Sukmawardhani)


M4B, Havenwelten #7
Going Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven, yay! 🙂 (Picture taken by Ignatia Sukmawardhani)

It gave me a big thrill to see gigantic container vessels and cranes. Face to face. Neither through the pages of a book nor internet screen.

The tour was delivered in the German language by a smart millennial guide. Information supply was guaranteed -so long as you grasp the language well. Frankly, I cannot say the same about myself.

Following the 1-hour tour, we briefly grabbed a french-fries-and-sausage lunch by the Große Kirche Gothic church. By the fountain, people sat, chatted, had meals, read book.

M4B, Havenwelten #8
Sunshine overloaded into the camera. Ha ha. (Picture taken by Ignatia Sukmawardhani)

But, my meal was definitely salty. My other complaint was that the Große Kirche church square is a free-to-smoke public area. 😦

That was the moment I thanked Jakarta’s smoke-free Gondangdia station. 😀 Ha ha.

A surprise sprang quickly near us, as a cock-sized seagull devoured a fair-sized chunk of brötchen, in one quick gulp. It changed my perspective towards the seabird family.

I was exhausted after lunch. I cancelled our next plans to board the Bremerhaven Bus for another city tour, to see the atypical Schaufenster Fischereihafen, and to look for the Geestemünde shipyard in which Sophie Rickmers ship was built.

Tonnes of apology to my sister! :,-( Our €27 Niedersachsen-Ticket utilization was far from the optimum.

The next morning, we left for Frankfurt on board the Regional-Express train.

M4B, Havenwelten #9
One shot with the MS Geestemünde before departure for Frankfurt.


M4B, Havenwelten #10
On top of the bucket list: Havenwelten of Bremerhaven. (Picture taken by Ignatia Sukmawardhani)

Approximately 5 out of 9 bus lines that serve Havenwelten bus stop go to Bremerhaven Hauptbahnhof station via a straightforward route. The service was very reliable!

My three Bremerhaven lessons learnt comprise, firstly, of having a timely and decent calories supply. Eat right, travel right! 🙂 Secondly, activate a navigating application, such as Google Map. Thirdly, with a valid ticket at hand, board and alight public transportation from the right entrance.

Havenwelten, with the rest of Bremerhaven city, tops the bucket list. It’s a must-visit.

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