Welcome Aboard!

Welcome aboard Minutes4Bahari!

Rosa Sekar Mangalandum is your captain for today’s sail. The “vessel”-blog is responsible for sending you to 10-minute reading trips to Indonesia’s maritime stories. We usually depart from the city of Jakarta which is located in the 6°12′S 106°49′E.

Fishing Vessel Carrying Sharks
A fishing vessel carrying 25 sharks approached Pasar Tanjung Luar’s dock, December 31, 2014 in the morning. This picture was photographed by Ignatia Sukmawardhani.

The blog took its name from the word bahari. In Indonesia, it means ‘maritime, related to the sea’.

Regardless of weather, Minutes4Bahari is to make you fall in love with Indonesia’s sea and ship stories -or practically anything interesting that is in relation with the sea. Meet enchanting coasts, sea creatures, vessels, and people.

Enjoy your reading-trip! 🙂

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